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Step-by-step guide

Ghost RS Production computer

  1. Download the file here.
  2. Create a boot USB with ”HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool”.
    1. Go to folder "USB BOOT" and install ” SP27608” (HP program).
  3. Start ”HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool”.
  4. Select the USB stick and the following options in the picture shown below. (NOTE: Don't forget to choose the "USB Boot" folder)
  5. Click "Start".
  6. Following content shall now be on the USB stick. (GHO file can be of a newer version)
  7. Plugin keyboard and USB stick to the RS Production computer.
  8. Start computer and press Win + F11 until a blue screen appears.
  9. Select boot from USB and press Enter.
  10. Type "ghost11" and press Enter.
  11. Choose following steps
    1. Local => Disk => From Image
  12. Tab down to "OK". 
  13. Tab down to "OK" again.
  14. Tab 3 times to "OK" and press Enter.
  15. Installation will start. When installation is finished select "Reset Computer".
  16. Remove the USB stick and let the computer start.

If the Ghost-file is 64-bit version then changes in BIOS is needed.

  • Advanced->IDE Configuration
  • ATA/IDE Configuration [Enhanced]
        Configure SATA as [AHCI]