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System Requirements

RS Production Server  

Operating system: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or later. 


  • Recommended at least  10GB free harddrive space. 
  • Recommended at least dual core processor. 
  • RAM-memory is a critical factor because the system uses a memory database: 



Measuringpoints: 1-3 



Measuringpoints: 4-5 



Measuringpoints: 16+ 


Larger with testenvironment                         



 Software installed:  

  • .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Microsoft IIS 
  • Microsoft SQL Management
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express or later. 



  • Create services, start/stop services.
  • Rights to start services / programs as administrator
  • Prefer VPN access if possible or Teamviewer (Teamviewer is not recommended).



  • Port 80 needs to be open, communication between local RSP-Server and definition server goes thru http / https (port 8080). 
  • Require access to definition server at address: or IP adress: It is possible to install RSProduction server locally if there are restrictions against connection to the internet.

IP & Port access


The following needs to be reached for all features of RSP to function:



Operating system: Modern Windows or Windows Server versions.  Software: SQL Server 2008 Express or later. 



  • Recommended is to use at least two CPU cores, for larger installations, you may want to dedicate 4 cores to take advantage of multithreading.
  • Harddrive space is not as critical. Recommended is at least 25GB free space before installation. 
  • Recommended at least 2 GB RAM. 




  • Write/read/create database. RSP requires SA SQL user, Windows login does not work. 
  • Prefer VPN if possible or Teamviewer (Teamviewer is not recommended)






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