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When running RSClient as a BigScreen or Operator Tools terminal it uses the MAC-address of the network interface as a unique id in order to remember the settings for each specific terminals. 
In some situations when running the RSClient in a thin client environment, the Client is actual running on a server and not on the thin client hardware, this means that the MAC-address is fetched from the server running the client session, then you may need to set the MAC-Address manually for each user running the thin
clients. There are also other reasons such as security settings that can interfer with the retrival of a mac address.

Alternative 1: Use from the computer/settings file

The pros:

  1. No configuration needed in most cases

The cons:

  1. Might not work in some environments

How it works

The first time you log in to an installation, one of the mac addresses from the computer will be added to the the following config file "%localappdata%\Good Solutions AB\RS Production\Data\[InstallationNumber]\Local-Settings-[InstallationNumber].config" and a terminal will be created with that mac address as an identifier.
A problem that may occur is that more than one computer has the same mac address (a vpn that's installed may have a virtual network card that always has the same mac address).
To fix this you can manually set the <MACAddress>0215FB66E158</MACAddress> to anything unique (i recommend generating a guid After a restart you will have to create a new terminal again and after that the configuration is completed.

Alternative 2: Use the username as mac address

The pros:

  1. You can login anywhere and get the configuration for the user. This makes it easy to replace terminals or test terminals in the office.


  1. Add a new PageConfigurationValue with the Key: USERNAME_AS_MAC and set the value to true
  2. Create one user for every terminal in the factory



3: Read MAC-Address from config file instead of network card

An old version of alternative 1 that may still be needed sometimes if the same user is used on all computers and the user catalog is synced between computers.

The pros:

  1. You don't have to create a new user for every terminal
  2. No risk for logging in with the wrong user and getting wrong settings
  3. If some terminals provide their own MAC-address you don't have to configure them, you only have to configure the ones with problems