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  1. Go to or click on the URL links below for the latest client version:
    1. To download the latest WPF version click here: Install RS Production.exe
    2. To download the latest WPF client without .NET, click here: Install RS Production.msi
  2. Open the installation file and follow the instructions
    1. Click on "Install"
    2. Click on "YES" if Windows UAC is prompting
    3. Installation begins, depending on which client you have downloaded (EXE or MSI), .NET will be downloaded for the EXE installation file. Internet connection is required
    4. The installation take a couple of minutes depending on the computer hardware and internet connection speed. Click "Close" when the installation is completed
    5. RS Production client is now installed and an icon will be placed on the Windows desktop
  3. Double click on the icon to open the client. If you don't have your login credentials please contact the super user of your installation or contact our support team

MSI Properties

NameValues : defaultDescription
ENSUREBUTLERATSTARTUP1/0 (true/false) : 1Sets the Registry key: ensurebutleratstartup
USELOCALMACHINEREGISTRY1/0 (true/false) : 0If true than it will use the LOCAL_MACHINE registry hive instead of default LOCAL_USER
SETCURRENTEXEPATH1/0 (true/false) : 1If false it will omit to set the currentexepath for the RSBootStrapper 

Registry keys

ensurebutleratstartup1/0 (true/false)Sets if RS Production shall ensure that butler is installed and started during boot.
EnsureButlerVersionAtStartup1/0 (true/false)Default true if key is missing, if true then RS Production will try to ensure that Butler has the same version as the currently installed version of RS Production.

Do you need help? Don't hesitate to contact us (smile) (smile)