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This document is written for customers and technicians at good solutions and describes how to install a RS Integration Server. If in any doubt, contact the person who gave you this document.

The integration server is used when you don't want the regular server to run the integration. This is often the case when a cloud customer want to have an integration but still want their server run by Good Solutions in the cloud.

titleTable of contents

Table of Contents



Port 80 and 8080 has to have open access to RS Production Server.


Download the Integration Server package from RS Production downloads <> and make sure that file is not blocked by Windows by open its properties check the Unblock-checkbox if it is visible. Extract the content from the ZIP file to a folder and place it anywhere of your choosing. preferably in C.\Program files\Good Solutions\IntegrationServer-XXXXXX


The configuring is dependent on what task the integration server is planned to perform. Check back to the original document that refereed you here and read the Configure chapter or contact the person who gave you this document.

Start by adding a new installation file named InstallationNumber.config (exchange InstallationNumber with the correct number) in the C.\Program files\Good Solutions\IntegrationServer-XXXXXX\Installations folder

Copy the following xml into the file.

Code Block
titleConfigBase config-file
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<SystemConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">



After the setup is complete, it is time for to setup create a new Service that will keep the integration server running.

  1. Open cmd as administrator and execute command: sc create RSIntegrationServer-nnnnnn Binpath= "C:\PATH_TO\RSProductionServer.exe"
    • Make sure "Binpath" points to RSProductionServer.exe and it is recommended to replace "nnnnnn" with your RS installation number.
  2. Open Services and look for "RSIntegrationServer-nnnnnn".
    1. Right click and select properties.
      1. Under General tab Change startup mode to Automatic (Delayed Start).
      2. Click on Recovery tab.
        1. Choose the option Restart the Service in the drop down menus, First failureSecond failure and Subsequent failures.
        2. Change the value in Restart service after to 10 minutes.
  3. Click on apply then OK.